Just PUG Things is an MMO comedy webcomic about adventuring in Final Fantasy XIV with strangers. Join in on the weekly escapades of a hapless miqo'te named N'yans, who is just as often the cause of the party's problems as he is on the receiving end of them. Drawn from my real experiences, Just PUG Things embodies common shared experiences of players, poking lighthearted fun at them while providing (sometimes) useful tips for how to handle those situations.

If you would like for your Final Fantasy XIV character to cameo in the comic, please check out my Patreon, which has a special Cameo tier where you can monetarily support the comic in exchange for appearances in Just PUG Things!

The recurring characters

N'yans Yorha

N'yans Yorha

The main character. A hapless miqo'te with nothing better to do besides watch the party do weird things. Usually wears some kind of Moonfire Faire glam.

Somehow, it's taken years for people to notice the pun in his name.

He lives on Coeurl, Crystal (NA).

Toobie Yorha

Toobie Yorha

The alt. A viera samurai with absolutely no responsibility save to look cool and end fights quickly.

Somehow more competent than N'yans. Maybe it's the better ping.

She lives on Ravana, Materia (OCE).